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November Noon is an intimate and poetic expression of the collective vision of Indian artists, weavers and designers.

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November Noon is driven by a vision of an aware, environmentally conscious way of life rooted in the organic rhythms of nature.


To break free of categories and reinvent craft based high living; not with pieces of clothing, but pieces of art.


To elevate the value of indian artisanal achievements through a lasting commitment to the ethics of authentic textile driven fashion.

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The sartorial genealogy of Khanij comes alive through the fabrics. They are handwoven with utmost care and skill in Banaras. Each zari thread intertwines with precision, creating a textile that echoes the richness and depth found in nature. The result is a collection that pays homage to both the natural beauty of geological formations and the time-honoured tradition of handwoven fabrics.

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Set amid the Aravalli Hills in Mangar, our latest collection Khanij, meaning mineral in Sanskrit, presents a line-up of modern-day silk classics. Each piece recontextualises the craft of zari woven into India’s cultural tapestry since the 16th century. A streamlined slip dress, for example, is tinted an earthy beige and pinstriped with silver zari. Elsewhere, a generously-cut jumpsuit in lilac is detailed with resham jamdani work in light gold.

Find yourself in Khanij

Artist Spotlight: Abhishek Khedekar

In conversation with the photographer behind our new drop Khanij

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