A feeling. An aesthetic.

November Noon is an intimate and poetic expression of the collective vision of Indian artists, weavers and designers.

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November Noon is driven by a vision of an aware, environmentally conscious way of life rooted in the organic rhythms of nature.


To break free of categories and reinvent craft based high living; not with pieces of clothing, but pieces of art.


To elevate the value of indian artisanal achievements through a lasting commitment to the ethics of authentic textile driven fashion.

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Priyanka’s fascination with art, handlooms, and the desire to reconnect with her roots became the foundation of this visual story. While researching, Priyanka looked at several Indian artists, specifically Baroda-based extraordinaire Nilima Sheikh. Nilima’s depiction of nature, and, more importantly, women compelled Priyanka to create a campaign that finds beauty in the unadorned, concrete surroundings of the Isokon Building in London built in 1934.

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For November Noon’s latest campaign, it all started by asking some simple questions: What does community mean to us? How do we cross-pollinate diverse ideas to create something that’s truly our own? These inquiries led to a collaboration with Indian-Australian creative polymath Priyanka Kaul and set the tone for our newest launch Doraha.

Find yourself in Dorah

What Are You Wearing? History, Craft, And a Lot of Art

Inside the techniques & textiles from November Noon’s new drop Doraha

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