On natures thread we weave

November Noon is the realisation of an idea. A vision. The world we see ourselves travelling towards, is one that appreciates artisnal ancestry through modern expression while being equitable to artisanals currently practising.

Journey with us, as we discover a more conscious way to live.

Our roots run as deep as curiosity.

For close to a century, we have collaborated with local artisanals and supported
indigenous crafting traditions. Our knowledge of textile processes runs deep and
We value the traditions that have brought us this far and continue to uphold
them, but we also feel for the boundaries and push ourselves beyond them.
We are explorers out at sea sailing towards uncharted territory.

The value of art is the happiness gained making it.

We are a collection of weavers, artisanals and designers. Joy, for us, is watching an idea take form through thread.
From scratch, every step of the process is carefully considered and discussed and weighed. What you see in our collections, are the outcomes of those joyful discussions we are privileged to call work.

We fall in love everyday. And then we do it again..

Our workshops are littered with
the empty cocoons of ideas,
that have long since grown
wings of luscious fabric.

And we keep feeding them, keep working on our skills, keep exploring newer ideas, keep giving them wings.
Our design philosophy is simple: create pieces of wearable art. Art that conforms to the wearer’s body, for a comfortable fit. Art that brings to mind, the ebb and flow of nature’s essence. Art that lasts for years on end; forever beautiful, forever fresh.

A healthy community is paramount.

Our community includes every wearer we’ve ever worked with, every artisanal, every designer, every person on our team and you.

We recognize our responsibilities towards our community and are committed to fulfilling them. Our hand-crafted products are inspired and created by working with nature in sustainable ways, not at nature’s cost.

Fairly compensating everyone who works with us; providing a safe, equitable workplace; and continually working on improving our processes are some of the founding principles of November Noon.